Top-Quality Systems Consulting & IT Project Management


Mark K. Gengozian is an expert when it comes to systems consulting and IT project management. He heads contractual arrangements, performs most of the work required, and hires independent and local consulting firms to help him deliver services on time.

Mr. Gengozian specializes in the following areas:

• Interim Management Appointments—Leads IT departments as an IT Director, CIO, or CTO to
  ensure a highly trained and motivated technical staff

• Documentation of All Kinds—Makes policies, procedures, processes, flowcharts, network
  diagrams, and other valuable tools to meet the client's needs

• Internal & External Audit & Compliance Work—Works on risk assessments, business impact
  analysis, work programs, control objectives, and actual testing of IT & business controls

• Telephony Analysis, Implementation, & Cost-Saving Initiatives—Implements various
  techniques critical to business operations

• Program & Project Management

• Conversions & Migrations of Databases, Servers, Networks, & Offices

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning is essential to the survival of any organization, regardless of their size, products, or services offered. As part of your annual disaster recovery planning process, Mark evaluates and plans for worse-case scenarios of business and IT disasters. He believes businesses should do it, auditing and compliance bodies require it, and stakeholders and clients expect it.

Business Continuity Planning
Business continuity planning refers to logistical planning that allows your business to return to normal operations after a full or partial interruption. Mark is equipped with the right skills to provide you with proper business continuity planning. Because ISACA tests indicate that the number-one assets to protect are people, Mr. Gengozian has always been guided by one simple statement: The People Are the Product. It means that when businesses place the highest importance on employees, clients, and vendors, the byproduct it creates is a well-run and managed organization.

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