Cost-Effective IT Risk Management & Systems Analysis

Since 2003, Mark K. Gengozian has been in the field of audits and compliance, which includes IT risk management and systems analysis. Mr. Gengozian explains why he entered this segment of IT:
"With more than 40 years of experience in technology at all levels, auditing IT was a natural progression to my career. Who better to audit IT systems than an experienced IT professional. My understanding of IT people, systems, networks, application development, implementations, documentation, and conversions provide extreme benefit to my clients that view IT auditors as nothing more than a nuisance. I provide a unique edge to my clients; delivering practical; real-life solutions to audit; at the same time, never losing sight of what is expected to remain compliant within the IT environment."
Network Cables


With an enhanced view of standard audit practices, Mr. Gengozian provides top-class performance every time. He has serviced and supported SOX and SSAE-16 projects and has used his skills to perform ERP IT assessments and evaluations.

Current Auditing Project
Currently, Mr. Gengozian is conducting an audit and remediation for IT Security Sarbanes-Oxley/Section 404 "SOX 404 (a) & (b)", SSAE-16 and general IT audit and compliance. He provides a unique approach to the do's and don'ts in operations and management of many companies.
Cable, Telephony, & Leasing Industries
Mr. Gengozian has been involved in the cable, telephony, and leasing industries and has been awarded projects in directing, managing, and implementing telephony and IP-based networks. These projects include toll-free, long-distance and local infrastructures, as well as VoIP and database conversions.

Cost-Effective Services & Solutions
Mr. Gengozian understands the cost structures and budget analysis within these industries. His efforts have saved millions of dollars within the expense structures, allowing his clients to increase their profit margins while increasing efficiency in production.

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