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Let Mark K. Gengozian & Associates attend to all your systems consulting needs. With his technical skills and significant years of experience, he can assure you that your company is in good hands.

Turn to Mark K. Gengozian when it comes to strategic IT risk management and systems analysis. His in-depth knowledge in auditing and compliance will increase the functionality of your system.

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Mark K. Gengozian is a seasoned systems consultant and IT auditor responsible for system architecture consulting, design, and management. In business for more than 40 years, his company raises the bar for other consultants in the industry because of his dynamic approach. He uses his experience and industry knowledge to provide businesses with first-rate IT solutions, which include project management and system analysis.

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Contact Mark K. Gengozian in Denver, Colorado, for the services from a reliable IT auditor.

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Best Large Chapter Nationwide & Worldwide (2010–2013), Information Systems Audit & Control Association™ (ISACA)
Board Member of the Year (1994), Colorado Open Systems Consortium (COSC)
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)